Camden on Sunday night

well it will be a bit of an experiment and I’m not sure if it will work or my foot will slip and completely ruin a song but the pedal and I are going to venture out into the wild blue yonder for the first tune. loop loop loop

bar vinyl. x

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bye bye keyboard

after years and years of faithful service my lovely and a bit too large yamaha keyboard is to be sold on eBay tonight. if anyone fancies bidding and you’re on my Facebook friends I’ve posted linkthis is the penultimate stage in my musical reinvention which will be complete with the recruitment of a small synth. don’t know which one yet.I am so hungover. it seems I don’t know when to stop. social animal. or just people addict. I guess I just don’t like the voices in my head.

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Loop de loop – new loopy gigs and things

Seriously people.  This is exciting.  I am making the most amazing multi layered overdub masterpieces of acoustic rock.  Vocal harmonies, beatboxing (sort of), keyboard (before I sell it on ebay to get a proper mini synthesiser), it’s really a revolution rather than an evolution.  Giant slabs of music that will flatten even the tallest daisy.  I just needs a little more time before I am ready – then I can pioneer my acoustic delights at the following places:

ink rooms battersea on Sunday 26 June – The Ink Rooms

(my lovely friend matt’s birthday too although he’s at glastonbury so I may or may not dedicate you a song you horrendous man)

BBFest in Brant Broughton on august 27 – tickets available online at

Wokingham food and drink festival on august 27 – some major travel involved here!  Wokingham Food & Drink Festival 2011

Brentford festival (TBC)

It’s all good.  All new gigs welcome gig pioneers if you are ready for me to flatten the other daisies with this new shizzle.  Very exciting.  The only scary bit is if I press the pedal at the wrong time and things will sound seriously awful.  Hence more practice needed!  Luckily I’m just using headphones at the minute.

Love you all, thanks for reading

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I have the pedal. I am looping

Looping I tell you.  Looping like crazy.  Cars are looping over my corpse.  My corpuscles are going in circles.

I appear to be loop delirious.  If this is just a toy or a phase then it is the most expensive phase ever.  I have made awesome sounds.  I just have to make it come alive.  Because it can be a bit…well…dull…watching someone endlessly building something up in front of you – the reason bands work are that they are all playing and it’s a bit more spontaneous.

So I have to retain that and still do awesome things.  With different chord progressions happening and it all weaving in and out like an amazzzzzing orchestral multiple me overdose.

WOrking on it.  Working on it.  Working on it.  Loooooooop

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it is here. it is heavy

lock up your daughters. and get ready YouTube. I am about to explode on screen. kind of like Garth Brooks did at the start of this is Garth Brooks too.

but not. just get ready

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I want to start looping! And I want a bed sheet

All will become much clearer when I feel a bit more lively next week and have had a special delivery

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there is no time. am I to start not sleeping ?

good news though. rc 50. mmmmm

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