Loop de loop – new loopy gigs and things

Seriously people.  This is exciting.  I am making the most amazing multi layered overdub masterpieces of acoustic rock.  Vocal harmonies, beatboxing (sort of), keyboard (before I sell it on ebay to get a proper mini synthesiser), it’s really a revolution rather than an evolution.  Giant slabs of music that will flatten even the tallest daisy.  I just needs a little more time before I am ready – then I can pioneer my acoustic delights at the following places:

ink rooms battersea on Sunday 26 June – The Ink Rooms

(my lovely friend matt’s birthday too although he’s at glastonbury so I may or may not dedicate you a song you horrendous man)

BBFest in Brant Broughton on august 27 – tickets available online at http://www.skiddle.com/events/11465754?skcampaign=fbe

Wokingham food and drink festival on august 27 – some major travel involved here!  Wokingham Food & Drink Festival 2011

Brentford festival (TBC)

It’s all good.  All new gigs welcome gig pioneers if you are ready for me to flatten the other daisies with this new shizzle.  Very exciting.  The only scary bit is if I press the pedal at the wrong time and things will sound seriously awful.  Hence more practice needed!  Luckily I’m just using headphones at the minute.

Love you all, thanks for reading

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