I have the pedal. I am looping

Looping I tell you.  Looping like crazy.  Cars are looping over my corpse.  My corpuscles are going in circles.

I appear to be loop delirious.  If this is just a toy or a phase then it is the most expensive phase ever.  I have made awesome sounds.  I just have to make it come alive.  Because it can be a bit…well…dull…watching someone endlessly building something up in front of you – the reason bands work are that they are all playing and it’s a bit more spontaneous.

So I have to retain that and still do awesome things.  With different chord progressions happening and it all weaving in and out like an amazzzzzing orchestral multiple me overdose.

WOrking on it.  Working on it.  Working on it.  Loooooooop

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